Hello and Welcome

After six years of collecting and shaving with vintage safety razors, I wanted to start sharing information (and maybe a bit of excitement) about them and their history.  Gillette, Schick, Gem, Kampfe and others made these objects of industrial design that combine utility and appearance quite nicely.  There’s a bit of excitement in being able to hold and use a 100-year-old razor.

I began shaving with a Gillette Techmatic and, from there, went on to use a variety of cartridge razors up until 2007. An article on shaving led me to Shavemyface, and I realized that shaving isn’t the “chore” it felt like with cartridges and canned shave cream.  Shaving can be a pleasurable part of your morning (or evening) routine.  Since 2007, collecting and using doubled-edged and single-edged safety razors has become a pleasant hobby that I can enjoy daily.

Since then, a number of really nice razors have passed through my hands and some have stayed with me.  These little works of art and technology deserve a little recognition.

So, welcome and I hope you’ll enjoy learning a little bit about them and share your thoughts, too.